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Who Are They?

“Provides everything that a small business needs to grow.”

NatWest are designed for the startup that's not afraid to dream big. They understand that startups are not just small businesses - they're dreamers, innovators, and change-makers. Startups are the ones who are going to change the world, and NatWest is here to help them make it happen.

They offer a wide range of products and services to help startups succeed, from business banking to loans to investment advice. They also have a team of experienced professionals who can help startups navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business. There’s plenty of resources available to founders of all shapes and sizes, from networking, mentorship, events, advice, programs and more.

Why Collaborate With Them?

Sort of a no-brainer really! We have always admired the passion, enthusiasm and drive that NatWest have always had for supporting small businesses. They share our goal of wanting to help founders succeed, doing whatever it takes to help give them the boost they need to get to the next level of their journey - and we believe this is a match made in startup heaven!

We’re excited to share the latest resources available to you through NatWest, bringing you even closer to all the fabulous the support they offer and the incredible people delivering this value to you. But... we also have plenty of not-to-be-missed exclusives up our sleeves that we’re itching to share with you in conjunction with Natwest!

When it comes to true genuine support for the startup community, we believe that it really takes a village. Founders helping founders, startup supporters helping startup supporters... You can make a real difference when you’re ready to share insights, guide others around you, get involved, and be open to new opportunities. We’re so honoured to have the support from NatWest for what we’re on a mission to do for startups, and providing us with an opportunity to do even more for founders.

Don’t Take Our Word...

“I’ve been using the NatWest services for both business and personal for many years. Whatever my requirements are whenever I’ve needed assistance or information I have to say, without doubt I have always been and remain implicitly confident in the service presented to me every time.”

“NatWest have given me great confidence in my business and have helped it grow with advice and encouragement as well as support as it grows.”

“I been a customer for over five different banks and NatWest is by far the BEST for everything. App, Banking, Customer Service, Business & Private.”

“All the support you need for your business.”

“I have never seen one person have so much energy and positivity! [My NatWest business mentor, Debbie’s] knowledge of a startup & entrepreneur’s journey is second to none. Fantastic and knowledge business guru and a lovely lady as well who understands the pains.”

“I've worked with Debbie [my NatWest business mentor] for 6 months and have found her coaching to be a lifeline to my business. Debbie's style is unique in that she is incredibly encouraging and supportive but also challenges you when needed in a constructive and well thought out way. She will seek out the right people you need to connect with for your business whether that be a new client or collaborator she knows exactly who you need. Debbie, I cannot thank you enough for your time and support.”

“I cannot recommend Debbie [my NatWest business mentor] and the endless work she does to drive growth and support businesses and entrepreneurs across our region. Debbie makes every effort to always support us. Debbie always has an untouchable enthusiasm for the projects she works on and supports us with and we certainly have valued her contributions.”


Find out more about NatWest Business.

Drop us an email for a personal introduction to one of the NatWest Business Mentor team.

60 seconds with Debbie Lewis, Regional Manager & Business Mentor

  • What do you order at a coffee shop?
    A skinny hot choc, with sprinkles but no cream.
  • First thing you do when you wake up?‍
    Let the dog out. Then bare foot grounding on the grass (me, not the dog!)
  • Your favourite teacher at school?
    Hmmmm, honestly I loved school and liked all my teachers. I recognise how fortunate I am with that.
  • Last thing you watched on Netflix?
    'Self Made' – the story of CJ Walker.
  • Describe your perfect holiday?
    Cruising the Med with my hubby, or a spa weekend with the girls.
  • Are you an animal lover?
    Absolutely, especially doggos.
  • Who is your professional idol?‍
    Tough one! Alison Rose (NatWest CEO), Sara Davies (Dragons Den), Jacqui Gould CBE (Businesswoman).
  • What’s your biggest fear?
    Dying before I’ve made a difference.
  • Who would play you in a movie of your life?
    Melissa McCarthy or Rebel Wilson.
  • Plan ahead organised' or 'last minute chaos'?
    Last-Minute-Lewis (but I do like a list!)
  • Who was the last person you emailed?
    Ooo - it’s embargoed info at the time of writing, but watch my LinkedIn for a release coming soon.
  • Something not many people know about you?
    My degree is in Medical Biology, so a few more years of study and I’d have been 'Dr. Debbie'.
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