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Do you provide products or services to startups? Well, you should partner with us. Get regular, direct access to startup founders who may need your help.

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Our global startup network provides a unique opportunity for partners to directly connect with a highly engaged community of founders. Our mission is to help early stage and scaling startups get access to the services and resources they need to grow and succeed. We’re proud to partner with individuals and businesses that can inspire and support our audience.

By partnering with Let’s Talk Startups, you’ll be able to showcase your business right in front of a targeted captive audience of startup founders. Our followers are actively looking for help with their challenges, support to their businesses, and trusted advice they can rely on.

Our team will ensure your brand is showcased across our newsletters, social network, website, podcast and all other media channels. We’re here to share your insights, celebrate your expertise, and get you in front of your target customer - to encourage and attract potential new business for you.

Partnering with Let's Talk Startups is a great way to get in front of the right audience and build brand awareness in the startup community. Our community has a loyal and engaged following of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals, and we can help you reach this growing influential network, easily and affordably.

Contact us to find out more and let’s start talking about you!